AFAK V-Belt grading machine

Machine for grading all kind of round fish like herring, mackerel, horse mackerel, sprat, sardine, blue witling etc. By means V belts and water film the fish will be transport horizontal. On the side of the machine you can change the position of the V belts by means of a wheel. Due to position of the V belts the fish will fall trough. Under the machine there are mostly 7 grades. In order to adjust the gap between the V belts you can install the grade variation. This machine can be built on customer specifications. Machine can be delivered with vibration infeed cute or just a fixed cute.

Types available

10 belts L=3m (5 grading gaps)

~ 15 Tons / hour (herring) 


10 belts L=2m (5 grading gaps)

~ 15 Tons / hour (herring) 

Technical specifications

Belts driven by

Gear motor 1.5 KW

Frequency inverter required

Vibration chute

Gear motor 1.1 until 1.5 KW

Frequency inverter required


Reinforced plate 3 mm and profiles

Stainless steel


1205 TNG + RSHE Ø 35

Stainless steel / covered iron

Drive work

Pulley HTD 200 Z=


Drive work

Tooth belt



PVC 60 mm with 1x guiding 13x8





To be used for

Trawlers and fish factories



Hydraulically operated