AFAK Strapping line

AFAK Strapping line, this line is a full automatic strapping line for carton blocks. The line can be constructed for either 1x or max 4x strapping machines. A sensor is locating the position of the block, pushers will press the carton against the strapping machine and after the machine will strap. With a strapping machine you can do 1x or 2x straps. Maintenance can be done very easy to move the machine out of the line at the glide bars witch works very convenient a see. Machine haves an “open” construction very simple to operate. Further specifications are

Types available

1x strapping machine~525x525x100/60

~ 8 blocks / minute 


2x strapping machine~525x525x100/60

~ 15 blocks / minute 


3x strapping machine~525x525x100/60

~ 15 blocks / minute 


4x strapping machine~525x525x100/60

~ 15 blocks / minute 

Technical specifications

Belts driven by

2-5 Gear motor 1.1kW 

With brake


2X Alu. Cylinders with pushers

set for each strapping mach.


Reinforced plate 3 mm and profiles

Stainless steel


To operate automatically the process


Switch board

1X general E switchboard

For automatic steering


PVC 500 mm with guiding 13x8

White flat

Air consumption

~ 150 L/Min F.A.D,

Pressure 6 Bar



For complete packing line

To be used for

Trawlers and fish factories


Strapping machine

Strapex SMG 65i

Cyclop / Laeszs und Luderz

Power consumption

5-8kW 380V 50Hz (motors).


strap quality           

According to Dutch standard


4x Strapping machine 3x Strapping machine 2x Strapping machine 1x Strapping machine Strapping line Strapping line Strapping line Strapping line Strapping line