AFAK Block packing machine

Afak block packing this machine is a full automatic packing machine for fish blocks, specially designed to use on board of fishing vessels. By means of an infeed conveyor the block will lifted up to the pusher position, if the carton is present the block will be pushed by a ram into the carton, after the flaps are closed the chain transport is moving the block in next position, new carton will be picked up by the vacuum arm and one block is folded and go to strapping line. Machine have an “open” construction and therefore very simple to operate. Further specifications are

Types available

DV15 standard blocks~525x525x100/60

15 blocks / minute 


DV17 standard blocks~525x525x100/60

17 blocks / minute 


DV-10-2B 2x blocks ~525x525x75/60

2 blocks in one master carton.

10 cartons / minute 

( 20 blocks)


DV-07-3B  3x blocks ~800x250x60

2 blocks in one master carton.

7 cartons / minute 

(21 blocks)


DV-08 standard blocks 525x525x100/60

In line execution for smaller place.

8 blocks / minute 

Technical specifications

Infeed transport

1x Gear motor 1.1kW 

Frequency controlled

Pusher transport

2x Gear motor 0.75kW 

Frequency controlled

Block transport

1x Gear motor 1.5 kW

Frequency controlled


Pneumatically cylinders with sensors

Operate for flaps bending


Reinforced plate 3 mm and profiles

Stainless steel


To operate automatically the process

Photocells and end switches

Switch board

1X general E switchboard

For automatic steering

Separate Display

To make settings for operation  

to locate malfunctions

Infeed Belts  

PVC 100 mm with guiding 13x8

Super grip

Carton store

~250 cartons


Air consumption

~700 L/Min F.A.D,

Pressure 6-7 Bar



For complete packing line

To be used for

Trawlers and fish factories


Power consumption

5kW 380V 50Hz (motors).


carton quality         

According to Dutch standard


Block packing machine DV15 standard block DV17 standard blocks DV17 standard blocks DV-10-2B  2x blocks DV-10-2B  2x blocks DV-10-2B  2x blocks DV08 standard blocks