AFAK Tub tipping unit

Afak tub tipping device to lift and unload tubs which are filled with liquid/fish mixture. On the tipping device a mechanism is mounted to avoid any leakage out of the tub during emptying. This anti-leakage mechanism is operated by 2 pneumatic cylinders. The swing loader itself is driven by a hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic power pack is mounted on the basic frame. Controlled in accordance to safety protocol. Very reliable techniek and easy to maintain. Further specifications are


Hydraulic cylinderD60/40-480 SG-CG25 stroke 700mm


Type LC/U01-3kW 400V-50Hz IP56

Closing anti leakage system

Pneumatically cylinders


Reinforced plate4 mm and heavy profiles Stainless steel

Switch board

General E switchboard

Remote control 

By 2 press buttons as safety control   



To be used for

Fish factories

Maximum load

700 liter tubs ~ 800 kg

Power consumption

3kW 380V 50Hz

Tub tipping unit Tub tipping unit