AFAK Pallet system

Afak installation to lift pallets in horizontal position. Pallets will be put in by pallet truck, platform will go up until F.C, blocks will be take of. Pallet will come automatically up to the next level. Controlled in accordance to safety. Infeed protected by safety switches. Very reliable techniek and easy to maintain.Further specifications are

Lift transport

1x Gear motor 2.2kW  Frequency controlled

Lifting weight

1200 kg


Reinforced plate 2/3 mm and heavy profiles Stainless steel


To operate automatically the process by photocells

Switch board with display

General E switchboard for automatic steering

Remote control 

1x to operate  



To be used for

Fish factories

Power consumption

3kW 380V 50Hz (motors).

Pallet lift Pallet lift