AFAK Kipper for defrosting racks

Afak unloading station for defrosting racks. By hand or fork lift you put in a rack with defrosted blocks. The will lift until first fish bags are at the out feed level, kipper make an angle and lift up the rack plate by plate, so every time a layer comes up 4/5 blocks will slide out on the conveyor belt.

The process is to be regulated by operator. Plastic and carton have to be removed at the stop position on the conveyor. Controlled in accordance to safety regulations. Infeed protected by safety switches. Very reliable techniek and easy to maintain. Further specifications are

Lifting and kipping

By means of controlled hydraulically cylinders

Hydraulic aggregate weight

4.5 kW


Reinforced plate 2/3 mm and heavy profiles Stainless steel


To operate automatically the process.

Switch board with display

General E switchboard for automatic steering

Remote control 

1x to operate 


One / two depending on the capacity


10-15 tons/hour

To be used for

Fish factories


Discharge conveyor for plastic etc.

Kipper for defrosting racks Kipper for defrosting racks Kipper for defrosting racks Kipper for defrosting racks