AFAK Double mixing line for tubs

2x AFAK mixing units connected in one frame in order to mix a substitute of 300 liter brine with 300 kg of fillets. The mixing is done by an arm witch make a rotated movement trough the tub in a certain patron. The mixing device going into the liquid is able to rotate by a plastic cover so fillets can fall of when the rotation stops.

The duration of mixing is depending on the production, it is adjustable from 1-5 minutes. Both mixing are able to work in the same time. The mixing units are complete with 1 transport section consisting of a driven roller tracks with a pneumatically operated systems in order to fix the tubs during the mixing. The rollers are chain driven at both sides.

2x AFAK pneumatically lifting device with vacuum cups in order to lift the lid from the above tub. 1x chain transport in order to buffer the cover plates and to bring the covers to the other end of the machine in order to put the cover back un the above tub after mixing, In combination with de stacking unit an stacking unit for 2 tubs. Together with 14 AFAK single transport section for 700 liter tubs.
Very reliable techniek and easy to maintain. Further specifications are


Rotation driven by a gear motor 0.75kW


Operated by Stainless steel pneumatically cylinders

Transport Motors

Gear motor 0.75kW with fixed speed


Gear motor 0.75kW with fixed speed for stacking and de stacking.


Full nylon wheel with Stainless steel chain wheel ½ E


Plastic housing with Stainless steel bearing Ø 30

Frame and transport section

Reinforced plate3mm and heavy profiles Stainless st. section L=1.3m

Switch board

General E switchboard



To be used for

Fish factories

Maximum load

2x 700 liter tubs ~ 800 kg


Plastic knuckle chain 

Power consumption

15kW 380V 50Hz

Double mixing line for tubs Double mixing line for tubs