AFAK Dosing system for herbs / ingredients in tubs

AFAK Dosing system based on production of 25 batches of 2 dry components as specified hereafter for 3 lines. This dosing system is able to produce 2 different recipes to the 3 lines.

Normal operation will be that before start production the required batches has been pre-weighed and ready for conveying to the lines and stored in the receiver ready for discharging into the tub.

Starting the production first the tub has to be on place, by signal partial brine liquid amount will be pumped into the tube. Start liquid system is start signal for opening valve receiver. And herbs batch will be discharged into the tube by the signal by open the bottom valve. After balance of the required brine for the batch the tube will be moved to the mixing station by the signal to the overhead conveying system.

After discharge time the bottom valve will close and there will be a request to the operator for filling the hopper with a new batch which has to be conveyed into the receiver within 1.5 minutes before the next tube will arrive. The conveying system is executed with three separate pick-up hoppers with each their own conveying pipes and vacuum receiver. However one vacuum pump controls all lines. This means that there is only one conveying line in operation during the same time.
Further specifications are

Maximum conveying time

Per batch 90 seconds

Conveying capacity

+/- 1500 Ltr/hr

Conveying distance

about 15 mtr maximum

Maximum load

25 kg

Collection hoppers

Stainless steel with conveying connection and pneumatic knocker

conveying pipe

Stainless steel, incl. bends and couplings

vacuum receivers

Stainless steel with shaking cleaned and quick replaceable filter

Vacuum pump

Including safety filter FSR 50 and automatic cleaned filter, 3 kW


By pneumatic operated valve in the bottom

Switch board

General E switchboard based on Siemens S7 300


quick connectors for removing the units and hoist connection



To be used for

Fish factories

Power consumption

10kW 350/400 volt 50 Hz

Dosing system for herbs / ingredients in tubs Powder Storage Prod.line with powder cyclone Powder cyclones